We are always looking to hire hard-working, driven individuals with management consulting or project management experience. If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Asher Dubas

The Valde Group engages in a collaborative process among its team members which translates to the work we do for our clients. Nothing is off the table until a variety of different approaches have been discussed and either eliminated or explored. This gets to the core of why we are successful with our client engagements at The Valde Group.

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What’s your work experience/background?

I have experience in Pharma, Healthcare, Marketing, Technology and Advertising. I have managed Operations and Sales teams as well as, Product, Creative and Technical teams.

What are your keys for success?

Truly listening to what the client wants. There needs to be a dialogue that is open and gets to the heart of what the issues are as well as, the desired outcome. Once the issues are accurately identified along with what success looks like, steps can be taken to implement the proper solutions to those issues.

What’s the next travel destination on your list?

On my list and feasible are two very different things at this point however, Italy, Australia, and the Caymen Islands are top of the list. Likely, I will end up at the Jersey Shore… which is also great!

How do you unwind after a long day?

Play with the kids and cook dinner with the wife. That to me, is what life is all about!

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